• Immigration Status For All
    OCASI calls for regularization of immigration status at Standing Committee appearance. 上网科学工具app 下载


  • End Anti-Black Racism
    A solidarity statement by OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants. Read more »
  • Income Support Webinar – Pandemic Response
    OCASI webinar on income support and benefits for refugees, migrants and people with precarious immigration status. Read more »



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  • Healthcare For Precarious Immigrants
  • COVID-19 Screening Checklist
  • Let's counter racism and prejudice

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OCASI was formed in 1978 to act as a collective voice for immigrant-serving agencies and to coordinate response to shared needs and concerns. OCASI is a registered charity governed by a volunteer board of directors. Its membership is comprised of more than 200 community-based organizations in the province of Ontario.

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Refugees symbolWelcomeOntario.ca symbol

A new, bilingual resource from OCASI featuring information, resources, statistics, news and links useful to those supporting, and hoping to support, Syrian refugees.

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Introducing OCMS


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